TS Design is run by Travis Smith. A graduate from The Ohio State University in 2012, Travis has worked in creative endeavors ever since. Serving Ohio and living in the Columbus area, TS Design strives to serve small businesses in their communication and digital outreach efforts. Offering simple, effective, creative services at an affordable price, visit the services page or contact us to see how we can serve you!

About Travis Smith

Serving people is my life. As a full time special education teacher, I spend most of my time trying to help children with learning disabilities learning to think critically and develop skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

When I'm not prepping in the classroom, I love to serve local small business in the Ohio area with affordable, high quality, creative communication services. Using the talents that I developed at The Ohio State University, I spend my spare time developing websites, graphic design, and video production to help businesses grow.

I hope to serve you and your business very soon.

-Travis Smith